Founder and host of the “Live locally – work globally” wwvrsac conference and owner of the marketing agency “Plain&Hill”. Creative guy, speaker, bloger, activist, man of ideas…

Ivan Ćosić is the owner of the marketing agency Plain&Hill, that services many local and foreign clients. Ivan is designer, bloger and speaker at many local and regional conferences. He is the founder of several internet projects, and he has spent many years in creative & marketing industry. He is in charge for the layout design for the most publication published by the World Association of Newspapers –  WAN-IFRA. Also, he has worked on few startup projects, of whom the most know is the IndieVoices – crowdfunding platform for independent media. He believes in the future and potential that tech-enterpreneurship has today. He also believes that Internet helped less developed country by giving them access to global knowledge and market, that it is possibile to live with relatively low expenses in countries like Serbia, while achieving worldwide career either trough freelance work, outsourcing or startups. This is why he founded conference to promote that and for 3 years in a row he is one of the founders of the conference wwvrsac: živi lokalno – radi globalno, conference that is named as the most inspirational conference in Serbia.

I was inspired by

  • The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do… - Steve Jobs
  • You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with… - Jim Rohn
  • There is no fate but what we make for ourselves… - Sarah Connor

Something like a timeline

  • 1996: At the age of 16 I made my first newspapers (in my HighSchool)
  • 1996: I was mentored in local municipality newspapers, shortly after I took over whole layout design process
  • 1998: At the age of 18 I made the first website of my hometown Vrsac - vrsac.co.yu
  • 1998: Same year I went to the Petnica Science Center on the web design course where I met great people
  • 1998: Started lecturing people how to build websites and how to use computers.
  • 1999: Went to a college
  • 1999: Went to Petnica Science Center, but this time as junior associate lecturer. Over the next 4-5 years I spent a lot of time teaching people how to build internet sites and how to use new technologies
  • 2000: Started to network with people that were doing similar things as I do over the IRC services or first internet forums
  • 2001: Became part of the web design department in the ICPS-Infinity agency that worked for some of the biggest global brands
  • 2003: Started to work in JTM agency that worked for the Microsoft, IBM, SAP... I was in charge for the "Retirement" campaign for Windows 98, for promoting Windows XP i Office2003 in Serbian, for branding of the bigest Microsoft event in region Sinergija 04 and for many other cool things
  • 2004: I was in charge of the first 32 issues of the Hi-Files magazine
  • 2005: Moved over to A01 agency, where I worked with great people of whom I learned a lot
  • 2005: Won the Weakest link quiz (BBC licence)
  • 2005: Started to play World of Warcraft. By the end of "gaming career", few years later I was managing and commanding an organization od 400 people from all parts of Europe
  • 2007: Started to work in ExtremeCC which was a distributor of the video games from some of the biggest worldwide publishers (EA, Disney, Ubisoft)
  • 2009: Started one of the most blogs in Serbia that had bounce rate under 5%
  • 2010: Moved over to DirectLink, one of the biggest hardware and software wholesale trading companies in Serbia. I was in charge for design of the campaigns for the brands like Asus, Western Digital, Verbatim, Gigabyte and many more
  • 2011: Started my own agency as part-time work, but only a month later I decided to go "all in", I took mortgage and I quitted my day job... I reached out to few previous clients from my part-time freelance career and I started to utilise my wide network of individuals, professionals from creative and internet industry with whom I could undertake bigger projects. I took parts in organisation of several amazing internet conferences in Serbia
  • 2012: Started online community of Stepa Stepanovic neighborhood, where I bought my own apartment. Forum and a news portal shortly after became gathering place and respectful communication asset
  • 2013: I was part of the team that was in charge of making and leading a crowdfunding platform for independent media IndieVoices. Media projects raised over 250.000$ over the course of two years. I was also in charge of leading the team that made version 2 of the platform from scratch.
  • 2013: With the litle help of my friends I founded an internet conference wwvrsac on the premisse "Live locally - work globally" in order to present success stories of the people that work from Serbia on global market trough the Internet. Conference was named "the most inspiring conference in Serbia so far".
  • 2014: Started a project that promotes CSR actives of the big companies. There is an annual conference CSR Serbia, while in the mean time reports on CSR actives are published on the portal drustvenaodgovornost.rs
  • 2015: Spoke and took part on 26 conferences throughout Serbia and region, in front of more than 3000 people. It was a pleasure to get connected to so many youth inspring people
  • 2015: At the end of the year, as a gift to myself I finally decided to finish my own personal portfolio website, I hope you got this far in reading. Thank you.


  • Vršačka kula Layout Designer
  • Petnica Science Center Lecturer
  • Open Clubs Lecturer
  • ICPS - Infinity Designer
  • Dizajnzona Administrator
  • JTM Trade Marketing Creative Director
  • Hi-Files Magazine Art Director
  • Studio A01 Creative Director
  • ExtremeCC Creative Director
  • Direct Link Designer
  • Plain&Hill Owner
  • IndieVoices Chief Creative Officer
  • Stepa.rs Founder
  • wwvrsac Co-Founder / Host
  • drustvenaodgovornost.rs Co-Founder


Ivan has long speaking/lecturing career. Only in 2015 he participated on more than 25 events and spoke in front of more than 3000 people

  • Personal Branding
    One of the my signature keynotes. It speaks about personal development, importance of networking as the base of success in modern business and explains storytelling as the tool for making your personal brand stand out from the crowd.

    • Available in durations of 45  and 20 minutes in Serbian and in duration of 20 minutes in English.
    • Video @ DaFED Novi Sad (in Serbian)
  • Live locally - work globally
    Talk made as mashup of stories presented on our conference in Vrsac. Talk explains more closely the reasons behind our decision to start with the conference and the importance of focusing on promotion of ICT and tech-enterpreneurship.

  • Branding
    Lecture about branding fundamentals. It covers product definition, positioning, defining (and importance of keeping) brand promise, how to present brand through naming, building logo and corporate identity, how to pick proper colors, how to communicate in brand’s name and eventually how to not give up on branding and how to persist in all branding efforts in order to get spot (and keep it) in the perception of our customers.

    • Available in durations of 20, 60 & 180 minutes (Serbian only, for now).
  • Think Different
    Talk made as mashup of the most important stories from my other talks. It is great for short Keynote sessions, as well as introductory talk for the longer Q&A/AMA sessions.

    • Available in durations of 15, 30 & 45 minutes (Serbian only, for now).
  • How to survive the internet revolution (without loosing your head)
    Lecture made as introduction in purpose and usage of social networks and new technologies in modern, everyday business for all of those not considering it a priority.

    • Available in duration of 45 minutes
  • Wor(l)d of Mouth
    Talk made as introduction into basis of the modern storytelling and Word-of-mouth Marketing. Few basic principles are illustrated by some of the most famous global examples of great storytelling and viral videos.

    • Available in durations of 30-45 minutes
  • Presentation about Presentations
    In this talk I present my take on what brought us to the position that most of the presentations are plain boring and badly designed. Talk goes trough several tips and tricks how to make your speech amazing and how to make your presentation great.

    • Available in durations of 45-60 minutes
    • Slideshare (in Serbian)
  • Trends in design and content on the Internet
    Intent of this lecture is to present active trends in design, content and technology on the Web today, to the wider audience.

    • Available in any duration and any language (upon request)
  • Web building process
    Lecture made to explain all the parts of the process of building one internet project for those interested in taking part of internet scene.

    • Available in durations of 45-60 minuta


You can find bellow list of the events that I will participate in the future in order to see me live, and hopefully to meet and mingle after. If you are interested to book me for your event, please contact me through form on the next tab.

  • Niš BREnd, JCI Niš – Banovina, Niš, 28th November 2015
  • Akademija Modernog Menadžmenta, Opština Vračar – 2nd December 2015

  • wwvrsac, Millenium Hall Vršac – 28-29th October 2016


I give my best to respond to any inquiry. Send me a mail trough the form bellow or contact me through my social media profiles.

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  • “I hired Ivan following a personal recommendation and I was most impressed by his amazing attention to detail, commitment to the project and his generally well-humoured personality – his lack of complaint at my seemingly never-ending demands of his time is to be praised!” - Louise Hallman    
  • “Great ideas. It is always pleasure to work with him!” - Tomislav Damnjanović    
  • “Ivan is the unique, “one of the kind” designer, and I like to work with him, since he truly understand the need to listen to the client while still being creative and producing more than we asked for” - Aleksandar Bijelić    
  • “Responsible, very good and broad-minded co-worker with very rich experience. Smart, detail oriented and result driven. He is not only a reliable and detail oriented co-worker but also an inspiring person” - Ivan Minić    


Some of the most notable clients that I worked for

Western Digital